Biotechnology and its application in natural farming

  • V. Kuznetsov
  • E. Kuznetsov
  • V. Smetanin
  • K. Тimchiy
Keywords: soil fertility, structuring, factors violations structures


The problems of soil fertility due to the need of formation of natural farming systems with particular emphasis on improving soil fertility. This factor has an important role in fertility, along with the formation of humus.Komkuvati slab soil provide maintenance to their openings and air moisture necessary for plant roots and interconnected ground of biocenosis members. Under the influence of various negative factors, they are exposed to soil structure destruction and become dust structure with a number of negative effects: loss absorbency, increase the intensity of evaporation, intensify soil erosion.The authors developed technology and equipment for vermiculture year-round use in temperate and cold climates, allowing intensify microbiological biotransformation of organic waste bringing it to 10–14 days. Formed in the heat, with the original design solution is transferred to heat the worms, which provide further transformation already compost forms a complex humate-fulvatnyh compounds. components of humus.


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