Formation institutional environment agricultural sector

  • L. Vasilieva
  • R. Olіjnik
Keywords: agricultural sector, institutes, institutional environment, transformation


The institutional environment is a set of economic, political, social, legal rules that form the basis for production, exchange and distribution across the national economy, and the main role in the formation of formal rules that constitute its foundation, the state plays. The institutional environment determines the direction and speed of institutional change, and therefore it can be considered a basic condition and factor in the development of the agricultural sector. The reasons for the negative effects of the agrarian reform was prepared in the absence of measures, underestimating the impact of informal institutions  habits traditsіy, considerable inertia of social development, inadequate level of knowledge and legal education. Coordinated interaction of market institutions is achieved by compliance with a specific set of rules: the consistency of the decisions taken by all the institutions representing the legislative and executive authorities, both at national and regional levels; decisions taken by the management should be consistent with the strategic objectives of the operation and development of the regional agricultural sector; problems that are solved in each region, to a large extent must meet state tasks, but it is necessary to take into account local characteristics.


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