Potencial of organism ostrich under industrial growth

  • O. Honcharova
Keywords: ostrich, the adaptive capacity of the organism, the industrial growth conditions


The presented materials about the study of adaptive characteristics of ostriches during growth on the climatic conditions of the industrial steppes ofUkraine. The article discusses information about the physiological status of the organism ostriches during different periods of ontogenesis. Studied the performance that characterize the potential of an ostrich in comparison with the other animals. The results can be used in predicting the productivity of ostriches, the analysis of the physiological state of the organism.About development the sector growing of ostriches and the need for the dissemination of acquired practical skills in this direction demonstrates the World Ostrich Association. It is activities include the development of industrial ostrich, the acquisition of scientific and practical experience, the development of standards that provide the infrastructure to support this industry. InUkrainealso there is Ukraine Ostrich Association. The presented indicators reveal characteristics the blood ostriches, productivity and adaptability under the conditions of industrial breeding farms in the steppe zone of Ukraine.


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Agricultural sciences (animal husbandry)