Influence of ecological factors on physiological condition of pigs on fattening and quality of their products

  • O. Chalaya
Keywords: pigs on fattening, Cadmium, Plumbum, clinical parameters of blood, chemical composition, technological properties of pork, experimental additive


The data on the combined and separate influence of toxic doses of Cadmium and Plumbum on the chemical composition and technological properties of pork have been given in the article. The negative impact of metals – toxicants on the content of dry matter, fat, protein in meat was revealed and the above changes were more essential in the animals that received the increased doses of Cadmium. In addition to that the caloricity and protein-qualitative index was lower in the meat of the animals of the experimental groups as compared to the control ones. The content of dry matter in the muscle tissue of the experimental pigs in group III decreased by 2,1 %, fat and protein – by 0,9 and 1,0 %, respectively. The caloricity of1 kgmeat in the animals in groups III and IV was trustworthy lower by 226,46 and 218,1 kcal , respectively, as compared to the control ones. The content of triptophane also decreased in the meat of the above groups of pigs and that had an impact on the protein-qualitative index, the lowest one was in the animals of the third experimental group and it was 6,41 respectively.Active acidity of the meat in the animals of all groups ranged within 5,22–5,45 that did not exceed the norm, however, in the animals that received higher doses of heavy metals in the ration pH of meat had a bit change towards the neutral medium and the above changes were trustworthy in the meat of the animals of experimental groups II and III.High cumulative ability of Cadmium and Plumbum was pointed out and that was proved by the significant accumulation of the above metals in the longest muscle of the back. Cadmium was mostly accumulated in the muscular tissue of experimental groups III and IV, Plumbum – in groups II and IV. Due to the use of the experimental additive in the feeding of the pigs in spite of the intoxication by heavy metals the accumulation of the metals-toxicants in the longest muscle of the back decreased, positive changes occurred in the chemical composition of meat, its caloricity, protein-qualitative value and technological properties. 


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