Quality of corn seeds in conditions of preparation to plant a typical corn processing

  • M. Kirpa
  • M. Styurko
  • L. Bondar
Keywords: corn seed, quality, postharvest processing, corn processing plant, cleaning and sorting line


The use of high quality seeds is a necessary condition agrotechnological growing corn and increases the yield of this crop. To prepare and obtain high quality seeds of his important post-harvest handling, such as equipment and technology for this. Technologies include several operations and regulations, including the completion of the main ones, ears drying and threshing, cleaning, sorting and grading seed, storage and chemical processing. Regulations operations should consider bio-technological parameters during processing of grain, depending on which quality seeds formed.In Ukraine, post harvest processing is performed in the system corn seed processing plants and farms are mostly typical technological scheme of seed treatment, from the stage of acceptance ears to storage of finished products.The aim of research was to study the technological parameters and processes postharvest treatment of seeds of maize, study performance characteristics of machinery and equipment, technology analysis of post-harvest handling of maize seeds in terms of corn processing plant. Develop technical and technological scheme of cleaning, sorting line, which will continue and will increase the variety and quality of seeds sown maize hybrids and their parental forms.Methodology and research methods. Research performed at the manufacturing plant corn and mechanized lines in control SIASZ NAAS of Ukraine and Research Farm “Dnepr”.In laboratory and field experiments studied the quality of seeds, sowing and harvest its properties depending on the technology, techniques and post-harvest handling modes. In experimental-industrial experiments determined the technical and technological parameters of process of drying, cleaning, sorting and calibration, chemical handling and storage of seed corn. They also served to verify and establish industrial economic efficiency of production processes, machines and equipment.Conclusions. Defined technical and technological processes that ensure quality seed under conditions typical corn processing on the manufacturing plant. In operations receiving-dry seed ears formed with high sowing and yielding qualities in the threshing and cleaning ears-sorting its quality deteriorates significantly, the main factors are the deteriorating quality of macro and micro injury seeds. To improve quality requires a reduction to the optimal number of movements and their seeds nori softer mode, reducing the height and speed of falling seeds self-moving pipes and their production of polymeric materials. Equipment involved in these operations, be a matter of priority the modernization and replacement with new one.In order to improve corn processing plant, we have studied the existing new equipment. With its use of technical and developed new technological scheme of cleaning-capacity sorting line 8 (4) t/h depending on the mode separation. The structure of the new line includes machines and equipment for processing and preservation of high quality seeds, which should keep and improve the variety and quality of seeds sown maize hybrids and their parental forms.


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Agricultural sciences (agronomics, agricultural ecology, land reclamation, ecology, crops husbandry, farming)