Ultrasmall forms M. bovis-dissociative 117 and 118 options

  • A. Tkachenko
  • N. Alekseeva
  • V. Zazharskiy
Keywords: M. bovisdissociative, biological cycle, ultrasmall forms, elementary cells, variability mycobacterium


We show that the population of bovine mycobacteria species dissociative options in the replanting increasing frequency allocation ultrasmall forms that by seeding in culture medium is generating rod mycobacteria and, rarely, elementary cells. It is alleged that the past is an integral part of the biological cycle of mycobacteria, because it's from elementary bodies (ultrasmall forms) formed rod-shaped form of this type of microorganisms. The subcultures of species dissociative of M. bovis contain the filterable forms, their frequency of excretion increases depending on the number of generations (passages). The ultrasmall not acid resistant forms, by the sowing in elective medium for cultivation mycobacteria, multiply to form colonies both a single and a continuous growth (as a result of the merger of separate colonies) culture in several times slower than in control test. In cultures, which obtained from the filtrate, under the immersion are found the different, from those cultures in nutrient medium, morphological forms. The presence of the ultrasmall forms in the populations of mycobacteria, and their ability to generate the morphologically modified microorganisms in the subcultures, is convincingly argues their indisputable importance in the biological development cycle of the examined species Mycobacterium tuberculosis.


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Veterinary sciences