Norms of feeding of ewes bydeficit mineral elements

  • V. Ahiy
  • T. Durdinets
  • N. Gruga
  • M. Hulenko
Keywords: ewes, bricks for licking, mineral nutrition, metabolic processes, economic indexes


Given the scarce minerals in the diets of sheep of Ukrainian Carpathian mountain breed it is developed recipes and production technology of bricks for licking using natural minerals of Transcarpathia limiting macro- and microelements, buffer and chelating components. The undeniable fact of deficiency of mineral elements in diets of ewes is their consumption during the first 6 days of bricks licking (ad libitum) 30–41 g/head a day and for the rest of the experimental period within 22–30 g/head a day, which promotes to continuous and dosed admission of mineralelements in the body of the animal.At is established that feeding of ewes by mineral-salt bricks-for licking (22–30 g/head a day) contributes significantly to improvement of glucose and aspartateaminotransferase in serum of blood, increase of average daily increments of sheep and milk production by 6,1 and 5,6 % respectively compared with the data in the control.It is proved that the use of bricks for licking comprising natural minerals of Transcarpathia and components containing carboxyl group (sodium bicarbonate, bentonite and biotin) affect on all metabolic processes and especially on the lipid metabolism. Using of a food additive in the summer-pasture holding period of keeping optimizes mineral nutrition of animals for a broad spectrum of nutrients deficient minerals, improves processes of carboxylation and positively a effects on feed conversion ratio and economic indicators.


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Agricultural sciences (animal husbandry)