Productive qualities evaluation of transcarpathian intrabreedprekos sheep type

  • R. Filep
Keywords: Transcarpathian intrabreedtype, evaluation, performance, live weight, milk, average daily gain


There are given the results of investigations on the assessment of the productive qualities sheep breeds of transcarpathian intrabreed prekos type. Established that fertility ewes responsible 108,2 %, and at weaning received an average 82,2 head of lambs per 100 ewes. In addition investigated the milk yield of ewes, which revealed a significant difference for dairy ewes between groups and growth of lambs during the first 20 days of lactation. The average daily milking in ewes with twins was higher than with the single 33,54 % and amounted to 1750 g of milk against 1163 g. Milk yield during the first 20 days of lactation was 35,0 kg of milk in the group with the twins and 23,26 kg of milk in the group of singles. Found that the high ewes lactation had a positive impact on growth, development and productive qualities of young, as well as contribute to the realization of the genetic potential of early maturing of young animals. In terms of growth and development of young animals obtained from ewes that gave birth to the twins was inferior to the counterparts single only a few linear measurements that characterize meat quality. The advantage of singles was accordingly the depth of the chest by 1,7 cm, chest width is 1,3 cm, chest girth – 1,2 cm. An general it is found that lambs born twins same precocious as their peers who were born singles, as indicated by the average daily gains of young animals during the suckling period were highest was in group with dine wise peers 177,0 g to 184,6 g with singles. High ewes lactation provided a feeding of lambs born as singles and twins that at weaning had an average live weight of between 24,8 to 26,1 kg.


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