Productive qualities of Karakul ewes off spring askania of different reproductive age

  • A. Kitaeva
  • L. Kremenchuk
Keywords: reproductive age, fertility, ewes, the offspring, live weight, average daily gain, curls


A comprehensive study of the effectiveness of increasing the duration of the productive use of ewes Askania Karakul breed and productive qualities of their offspring has been carried out.This thesis presents the results of research and experimental scientific grounds for early (9 months) use of young ewes for the reproduction of productive longevity of Askanyia karakul breed ewes and the impact of their own age on productivity and formation of exterior and productive qualities of their offspring. It was found that ewes to 10 – years old have high fertility rates with larger indices in the early and middle aged ewes. Output of lambs per 100 ewes made 130 and 150 heads. Ewes of early and older age are able to have offspring with high productive qualities, strong constitution and exterior typical for young Askanyia karakul breed. The 18 months age young ewes from the ewes of conventional 2 years age had the reliable exceeding over the young ewes of the same age only by such measurements; the height in sacrum by 5,9 % (P˃0,999) the width in the ischia tuberoses – by 8,3 % (P=0.999), metacarpus by 11,3 % (P˃0,999), but was inferior to them in the width of lengthened tuber by 9,5 % (P˃0,999). Among rams the significant differences was not found. By meat quality the offspring of middle (3–5) and conventional 2 – year-old ewes differed by the unreliably better indices. Their slaughtering yield was 48,88 and 48,99 %.Researchers showed that the offspring of early (1,2) and older (6–10) – age ewes is more suitable for pelts; conventional and medium (2–5) – years age ewes for growth to repair the herd and the rest young for meat production.


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Agricultural sciences (animal husbandry)