Effect of chemical improvement on the salt regime (illustrated by Dnipropetrovsk region)

  • D. Onoprienko Dnipropetrovsk State Agrarian and Economyc University
  • T. Makarova Dnipropetrovsk State Agrarian and Economyc University
Keywords: salty black soil, irrigation, chemical improvement, phosphogypsum, chemism and degree of soil salinity


The article is devoted to the feasibility of a chemical improvement on the secondary salinization of irrigated soils. On the example of the Dnipropetrovsk region was analyzed the negative effects of long-term irrigation on the soil salt regime. It was proved that irrigation with high salinity water adversely affects on the soil absorbing complex (SAC) and the other properties of the soil is much stronger compared to the fresh water irrigation. In the article it sets the problem to seek the best application rate calculated of phosphogypsum as a chemical ameliorator, under irrigation and without it. Field studies started in the spring and autumn 2010 on the ordinary humus with little organic matter leached on the loamy loess. Humus horizon has uniform color with depth of 40–45 cm. The thickness of the topsoil is 30 cm. This article is based on conducting ground-salt pickup on the testing site. The authors reveal the basic methods for determining the chemism (type) and the level of soil salinity for identifying the actions of chemical reclamation. As a result of the chemical analysis of the water extract of soil for anionic and cationic values it was defined the type and degree of soil salinization. On the analysis results for the type of salinity of cationic and anionic ration, the level of salinity of the composition of toxic salts and the “cumulative effect” it is defined by the optimum application rate of phosphogypsum as a chemical ameliorator with irrigation and without it. It directs the special attention to improving the efficiency of chemical improvement in the conditions of irrigated agriculture.


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Agricultural sciences (agronomics, agricultural ecology, land reclamation, ecology, crops husbandry, farming)