As regards cenotic affinity rare species of Landscape Conservation Area “Tsetsyno” (р. )

  • O. Vanzar
  • V. Romanyuk
  • O. Каlаnchа
Keywords: vegetation, wildlife sanctuaries, associations, rare species, adventive species


In the Chernivtsi region 23 existing protected areas of national importance , including the special place is occupied Landscape Conservation Area " Tsetsyno ", on the western outskirts of the city ofChernivtsi.Given the proximity to the city, he suffers serious recreational digression , which adversely affects the conservation status of species and groups that are protected. With the increasing human impacts in various forms is necessary to study vegetation reserve and setting trends of its further formation.A study of vegetation phytocoenotic features based on analysis of floristic inventories obtained using field and office research methods . Having phytocoenotic analysis of vegetation landscape reserve of national importance " Tsetsyno " we found 12 common associations representing all the floral diversity and value of the studied areas.Found that most of the investigated associations are characterized by relatively low representation of rare component. Association Fagetum (sylvatica) aegopodiosum podagrariae) represented the largest number of species listed in the Red Book of Ukraine (2009) in the complete absence of alien species. A number of associations (especially Fagetum (sylvatica) galiosum (odorati) alien fraction increased, indicating that the overall synanthropisation natural plant communities Landscape Conservation Area “Tsetsyno”. 


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Biological sciences