Species diversity of the land molluscs (Gastropoda, Pulmonata) of steppe Dnieper Area (р. )

  • N. Gural-Sverlova
Keywords: land molluscs, species diversity, steppe Dnieper Area, Ukraine


The systematic studies of the land molluscs in the steppe zone of Ukraine except the Crimean peninsula were began comparatively recently – on the border of ХХ and ХХI centuries. To this day the faunal summaries were made mainly for the western and eastern parts of this territory. In this article the species composition of the land molluscs registered in the territoryof Kherson, Zaporozhye and Dnepropetrovskregions was analysed. Materials for article are numerous collections passed for the determination or storage in State Museum of Natural History in Lviv and the literature data. On the studied territory 42 species of the land molluscs can to consider reliable registered. They belong to the following families: Succineidae (Succinella oblonga), Cochlicopidae (Cochlicopa lubrica, C. lubricella), Valloniidae (Vallonia pulchella, V. costata), Pupillidae (Pupilla muscorum), Vertiginidae (Vertigo pygmaea, Vertilla pusilla), Truncatellinidae (Truncatellina cylindrica, T. costulata), Enidae (Chondrula tridens, Brephulopsis cylindrica, B. bidens), Clausiliidae (Cochlodina laminata), Punctidae (Punctum pygmaeum), Euconulidae (Euconulus fulvus), Gastrodontidae (Zonitoides nitidus), Vitrinidae (Vitrina pellucida), Zonitidae (Aegopinella minor, Perpolita hammonis, Vitrea crystallina, Oxychilus deilus, O. translucidus), Bradybaenidae (Fruticicola fruticum), Helicidae (Cepaea vindobonensis, Helix albescens, H. pomatia, H. lucorum), Hygromiidae (Helicopsis striata, H. retowskii, Xeropicta krynickii, X. derbentina, Euomphalia strigella, Monacha fruticola, M. cartusiana, Pseudotrichia rubiginosa), Limacidae (Limax maculatus), Arionidae (Arion subfuscus), Agriolimacidae (Deroceras caucasicum, D. subagreste, D. sturanyi, D. laeve). The presence in the steppe Dnieper area of the Xerolenta obvia and certain species of the genus Helicopsis requires of the subsequent confirmation with the studying of the anatomical indications. Possibly this concern of the certain representatives of the genus Deroceras. 


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