Mathematical design at a research of corn and wheat stability to the combined action of drought and herbicides (р. )

  • A Rossikhina-Galichа
  • Yu. Lykholat
  • O. Vinnichenko
  • Yu. Grican


There were obtained the regressive relations of superoxide dismutase activity shift module to variation at three factors levels on the example of two factors combined effect – osmotic pressure (simulated drought) and herbicide frontier on the wheat and corn sprouts through the root area – within the scope of full two-factor laboratory experiment. The correlating with enzymatic activity estimates of the investigated plants resistance index to the exogenous factors impact were obtained.The target response surface, described by the obtained regress equations relatively to the combined factors effects consists of straight lines because these equations become linear ones at any fixed value of Р or C, at that there is a characteristic feature – a high sensitivity of investigated test objects to drought effect in comparison with herbicide.The entire response surface is curvilinear, because the equations contain compounds 0.15 РС (corn) and 0.46 РС (wheat) which determine interaction effect of Р and C factors. The influence of one of co-operating factors on plants resistance can be characterized with indication of another factor level ifsuch interaction exists. One of the most real hypotheses, concerning a biological essence of the Р and C factors interaction effect, is the following. The compound and ions concentration in cells, including Н+,change under the influence of Р factor, the processes of the ions cell leaving become facilitated. The membranes and localized Н+ pumps within them become deformed under the influence of the C factor, which causes penetration of herbicide into the plant rootage cells. At that, the rootage secretory activity and рН of incubatory medium change. The studying of the Р and C factors interaction effect was performed with measurement of рН in vitro due to problematical character of shift module рН (|ΔрН|) registration in subcellular parts in vivo.The enzymes activity, especially SOD, which carry out a cell metabolism regulation, i.e. its biochemical processes, change under the influence of ionic composition and concentration of Н + ions changes in the cells. It is connected with the presence of acid and basic groups, which take part in catalysis, in the active enzymes centers. The cytocinesis and tension decelerate if the abovementioned changes in the cells go beyond the bounds of the plant resistance relatively to the influence of Р and C factors. The deceleration dynamics depends on the level of the investigated plants resistance to the studied factors effect.The obtained results confirm the necessity of the soil herbicides inhibitoryeffects accounting in the course of the grain crops drought resistance estimation. The presented interpretation alternative of the interaction effect biochemical essence, revealed in a result of the investigated process mathematical modeling, creates prerequisites for perfection of methodological maintenance of the grain agricultural plants potential drought resistance researches in selection and introduction practice.


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