Creation of wildlife sanctuaries in disturbed with mining works lands as approach of forming the connected elements of ecological network

  • A. Shapar
  • O. Skrypnyk
Keywords: man-made landscape reserve, formation of secondary ecosystems, ecological network connection element


Technological landscape reserves creation provides secondary ecosystems formation conditions, which are the basis of secondary biodiversity. The reserve “Vizirka” created a unique man-made terrain variety. Secondary biological and landscape diversity develops on its basis. Formation of rare plant species habitats continues during 10 years by the methods of the seed reproduction, micropropagation and transplanting seedlings. Blackthorns planting are carried out to stop water erosion. Restoration of Pedunculate oak, Walnut, Crimean pine, Sea-buckthorns was carried out at the dumps slopes. Stipa capillata restoration carried out with sod usage on a dump plateau № 9.Modern GIS-technologies usage for monitoring, design, data visualization in the form of graphic documents can improve the efficiency of secondary ecosystems formation. GIS-technologies usage allows creating digital elevation model on the morphometric data basis for any site terrain. They also allow carring out its spatial analysis. Hydrographic network terrain system, zoning by the slope gradient are created in the automatic mode and, also, the sites with the erosion hazard, which are the econet formation basis, are detected. Satellite imagery allows identifying areas with natural ecosystems (forests, pastures and hayfields) and wetlands, that can help to include them to the ecological network elements. Usually, the image quality allows defining ecosystems condition, moisture conditions and other abiotic parameters. Man-made landscape reserves, which are created on the disturbed by mining operations lands, are the main reserve for the construction of the ecological network connection elements for the industrial regions of the Ukrainian steppe zone.Necessity justification of the secondary ecosystems protection, landscape and biotic diversity protection allowed granting legal status to the local landscape reserves territories “Vizirka” on the Inhulets ore processing plant lands, “Vershina” on the Prosjanskij Mining lands, landscape reserve of national importance “Bogdanovskij” on the Ordzhonikidze Mining lands, “Grushevka” on the Marganets Mining lands.


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Biological sciences