Simplified method ology of the determination of horses higher nervous activity type

  • M. Tarasenko
  • M. Petrushko
Keywords: horse, methodology, higher nervous activity type, external irritant, motive-food conditioned reflex


The methodology of the organization and carrying out the test on the determination of higher nervous activity type and force of the nervous system of horses based on the development in a horse of motive-food conditioned reflex on a feeder with a feed has been described, and also the complex system of analysis of the results got during the experiment has been expounded in the article.According to the proposed methodology the experiment is carrying out during three days. In the first day the conditioned reflex of going to the right feeder with a feed is development in a horse. On the second day it is made the single and double “alteration” of the conditionally-reflex stereotype, twice changing a feeding trough with a feed and empty feeder. On the third day the stability of the conditioned reflex is tested by the action of one strong external irritant (a cloth of the red color, stretched between two racks, vertically mounted on the ground).The conclusion about the higher nervous activity type is made on the basis of speed of the formation, “alteration” and stability to the external irritants of the motive-food conditioned reflex of a horse, which is development on a feeding trough with a feed.The proposed methodology can be used for the determination of higher nervous activity type of the breeding, sport, workers and customary horses at the age from two years. This methodology allows considerably reduce the time spending on the determination of higher nervous activity type, and also practically simplify carrying out the test and analysis of the results got during the experiment, not reducing their objectivity.


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