The state and perspectives of exchange development financial market

  • A. Kravchenko
Keywords: exchange financial market, stock market of Ukraine, foreign exchange market, international currency market, listing, securities, currency


This article is devoted to highlighting the state and prospects of the stock market development, in particular, the stock market of Ukraine, the international currency market Forex and the market of derivative financial instruments are analyzed. The problems of functioning were revealed and prospects development of the stock exchange financial market ofUkrainewere outlined and tendencies development of the international currency market of Forex were presented. In particular, analyzed: the specific weight of securities trading in the stock market, the volume of securities on stock exchanges, the capitalization of listed companies in the stock market, the dynamics of the currency pair rate on the international currency market Forex. The main ways of overcoming the crisis phenomena in the stock market are proposed as an important indicator of economic development, which clearly demonstrates the state in which the state is at the appropriate moment.The stock market is a redistribution mechanism of investment resources and determination of the success level of the country in global capital markets. Therefore, it is extremely important to suggest the specific strategic and tactical measures for further development of Ukrainian stock market in the current crisis situation. In the article the current situation and development perspectives of the domestic stock market and its role in the national economy are investigated.The relationship between financial markets and investment process is estimated. The dynamics and structure of the main financial instruments of Ukrainian stock market are analyzed; the impact of trading volumes on indicators of economic development on the country is evaluated. The problems that accompany the process of the stock market functioning are revealed, directions of its development in order to increase the financial capacity and well-being of the country are outlined.The current situation and dynamics of ukranian stock market are analyzed. Conclusions on  further developmnet of the stock market in Ukraine are made. The recommendations designed to improve the state of the stock market in future are provided.Except that the aim of this paper is to examine the characteristics and principles by one of the methods used in the analysis of price movements on the foreign exchange market. The economic indicators that affect the movement of currencies in the Forex. The essence of fundamental analysis and a list of the data that affect the price of the currency when using it.Through the analysis of deficiencies in fundamental analysis marked out by the supporters of technical method of investing, advantages of fundamental analysis are marked out compared with the technical one. In the conclusion the main points of fundamental analysis (in particular the time-critical news and market reaction to it) are highlighted, which should draw the attention of any investor who works in the international currency market.The current situation of stock market of Ukraine and currency market Forex analysis is conducted in the article. The problems of stock market ofUkrainedevelopment are educed. The ways of exchange market ofUkraine  development are offered. Also, modern state ofUkrainecommodity exchange market is analyzed. The structure of  Ukraine commodity exchange trading by types of instruments and types of assets are determined. The features of  Ukraine  different exchanges functioning. The main ways of Ukraine commodity exchange market under current conditions shown.The sense of the effective financial market in the modern conditions of the financial development inUkraineand in the world have been injected in the article.


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