The dynamics of growth are foals the novooleksandrovsky heavy breed

  • T. A. Yusiuk
Keywords: foals, measurements, body build indexes, growth, milk yield, fat content of milk


Statement of a problem. In the world of horse breeding it is accepted to take measurements of foals in 3 days after the birth and from 6th month each half a year. Measuring growth and weight of foals in dairy horse breeding it is possible to define dairy efficiency of mares. Therefore it is important to know a scale of increase and the weight of foals of dairy breeds up to 6 months (in 6 months weaning of foals).Research objective. Studying of dynamics of the main measurements of novooleksandrovsky  foals heavy breed of 3 days after the birth up to 6 months was a research objective.  Scale of measurements to calculate for foals of this breed. To investigate interrelation between growth of  foals and to milk yield and the fat content of milk of mares.Materials and methods. The research is conducted on a breeder producer of novoaleksandrovsky heavy breed of Dibrovsky horse-breeding center № 62. Measurements have been taken for 2015‒2017 from 42 foals aged from 3 days up to 6 months.Results. From 3 days to 6 months measurements of foals have increased: the height at the shoulder at 1,3 times; oblique length of the body is 1,4 times; a chest girth ‒ 1,6 times; girth of the metacarpal ‒ 0,15. The live weight of foals in 6 months has increased by 3,9 times, the index of massiveness by 1,2 times, the index of a format in 1,1. The relationship between the growth of foals and milk yields and the fat content of mares' milk is proved. Between high milk yields and measurements, to have a high multiple correlation r = 0,79, with a reliability of F(1, 22) = 37,347; p <0,05. The fat content of the milk has a reliability multiple correlation with the foal measurements r = 0,62; F(1, 22) = 13,750; p <0,01.Conclusions. The scale of increase of novoaleksandrovsky foals heavy breed from 3 days to 6 months is calculated.The offered equations describing dynamics of the main measurements of an exterior of foals from the birth up to 6 months can be used for the forecast of indicators of the main measurements.The interrelation of growth of foals with milk yield and fat content of milk of their mares is proved.


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Agricultural sciences (agronomics, agricultural ecology, land reclamation, ecology, crops husbandry, farming)