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Author Guidelines


The reading materials are published in the journal “News of Dnipropetrovsk State Agrarian and Economic University” which is included in the list of SAC (State Accreditation Commission) of Ukraine.
The structure of an article:
- UDC (Universal Decimal Classification);
- the title of an article;
- initials of afirst name and a patronymic, a surnameof an author(s), anacademic degree, a scientific rank or position; the address of an organization submitting an article;
- a summary in the Ukrainian language of 6–8 lines giving some additional information to the title ofan article;
- a summary in the Russian and English languages with the obligatory translation of an articletitle; a surname with initials of a first name and a patronymic; the professionaltranslation consisting of 2000–3000 printed characters;
- 8–10 keywords in Ukrainian, Russian and English;
- the statement of a problem and its connection with important scientific or practical tasks;
- the analysis of the latest researches and publications referred to by the author in whichthe given problemsolving has been begun;pointing out to the parts not solved before;
- the general issue the certain article is devoted to;
- the formulatoni of the purpose of an article (statement of a task);
- the exposition of the main research material with the complete grounding of the scientific resultsreceived;
- conclusions on the given research and prospects of the further investigation;
- the bibliography – in the original language and in English (DSTU (state standard specification of Ukraine) 7.1:2006). References to the bibliography in an article should be given in square brackets;
- the review of a doctor of science related to the scientific direction of an article is obligatory;
- an author’s information with the full name, address, telephone number, e-mailaddressand the author’s consentto the published materials using by the international scientific electronic libraries, other scientometrical databases in the open access of the Internet.
An article shouldbe written in the Ukrainian, Russian or English languages; 7–10 pages long; 1,5line spacing of a computer typesetting in the Microsoft Word editor; Times New Romanfont, 14 tp. Each page is printed on a standard sheet of A4 format (210×297 mm), with 20×20×20×20mmpage margins.
Formulas have to be prepared in the Equation Editor 3.0 program (this editor is the internal editor of formulas in Microsoft Word); variable mathematical sizes in the text in accordance to formulas are typed in italics.
All illustrative material is done by means of computer programs.
Our address: Voroshilov St., 25, room 134, Dnipropetrovsk 49600. The Editorial board.
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