Mykola M. Nazarenko

As. Prof. Mykola M. Nazarenko ‒ PhD (Biology), Department of Breeding and Seed Farming, Dnipro State Agrarian and Economic University, Dnipro, Ukraine

ORCID: 0000-0002-6604-0123

SCOPUS ID: 57193125796

Google Scholar: Nazarenko M. M.

Research Gate: Mykola Nazarenko


Scientific interests: Plant genetics; Breeding and Seedfarming.


           Main scientific articles

  1. Nazarenko,, Lykholat, Y., Grigoryuk, I., & Khromykh, N. (2018). Optimal doses and concentrations of mutagens for winter wheat breeding purposes. Part I. Grain productivity. Journal of Central European Agriculture, 19(1), 194–205. doi: 10.5513/JCEA01/19.1.2037;
  2. Nazarenko, M. (2017). Rates and spectra of chromosome aberrations in winter wheat cells after dimethylsulfate action / Ukrainian journal of Ecology, 7(3), 128–133. doi: 10.15421/2017_60;
  3. Nazarenko, M. M. (2017). The influence of radio-mimetic chemical mutagen on chromosomal complex of winter wheat cells. Regulatory Mechanisms in Biosystems, 8(2), 283–286. doi: 10.15421/021744.