Yuriy  I. Tkalich

 Prof. Yuriy  I. Tkalich – D. Sc. (Agriculture), Head of Department of Farming and Soil Science, Dnipro State Agrarian and Economic University, Dnipro, Ukraine

ORCID: 0000-0003-2208-0163

Google Scholar: Yuriy  I. Tkalich

E-mail: tkalich_yuriy@ukr.net 

Scientific interests: Farming; Herbology; Crops husbandry.



           Main scientific articles

  1. Gritsan, Y. , Kunakh, O. M., Tkalich, Y. I., Dubinina, J. J., & Kotsun, V. I. (2019). The catena aspect of the landscape diversity of the “Dnieper-Orilskyy” natural reserve. Journal of Geology, Geography and Geoecology (у друці).
  2. Tkalich, Y. I., Tsyliuryk, A. I., Masliiov, S. V., & Kozechko, V. I. (2018). Interactive effect of tank-mixed post emergent herbicides and plant growth regulators on corn yield. Ukrainian Journal of Ecology, 8(1), 961‒965. doi: 10.15421/2018_299
  3.  Tsyliuryk, A. I., Tkalich, Y. I., Masliiov, S. V., & Kozechko, V. I. (2017). Impact of mulch tillage and fertilization on growth and development of winter wheat plants in clean fallow in Northern Steppe of Ukraine. Ukrainian Journal of Ecology, 7(4), 511–516. doi: 10.15421/2017_153